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Craftautomatica was originally founded in September 2017 in a dark, cold and dingy basement.  In November 2017, Craftautomatica was able to upgrade to a not so dark and dingy (but still cold) basement. Originally starting off as just a hobby, Craftautomatica began creating products to use as gifts for birthdays and DIY wedding décor.

Jen Agrusa : | jen uh-grew-suh | - noun

   1. The heart & hustle of Craftautomatica

   2. Wife and Mom

   3. Creates and inspires

   4. Often teased for attending scrapbooking and planning retreats

   5. Avid bookworm

Craftautomatica was featured on the blog The Middle of the Mess in November 2017 as her go-to personalized gift dealer and again in 2018 on the blog Mitten Marketplace.

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